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Kierra has indeed put it out beautifully…
Amazing to know that the God of all creation is so incredibly FOR (and not against) us that He would send His only Son to die to be the bridge that enables us to get back to Him. That Jesus agreed! No one forced Him. And even if you or I were the only people in the world. Yes, messed up and dysfunctional as we most times are, He’d still have sacrificed His life because I’m…you’re that important to Him.

Have a Happy, Blessed Easter & Passover Season.

- Marjory

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Nairobi Blue Collection

Nairobi Blue

On the day of her win, she showed up on the red carpet in a flowing light blue custom Prada gown (dully accessorized with a gold and diamond studded headband) and a big smile.

She said that the dress reminded her of home, in what has since come to be known as Nairobi Blue. And indeed, her outfit was the epitome of our vast clear blue skies and white-golden sunshine.

The inspiration behind this collection of sky blue and gold tones.

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And The Oscar Goes To

And The Oscar Goes To

- Lupita Nyong’o, 2014 Academy Award Winner,Best Supporting Actress, 12 Years A Slave

To be completely honest with you, I didn’t think she’d make it – never this far. And shameful as it may seem, I wasn’t even following the events leading up. From the movie release to her nomination, all I thought was even in the off, very slim chance that she did win, I wouldn’t be affected in any way.

Suffice it to say, I was wrong. Very wrong. And I stand altogether truly humbled, awed and inspired by what Lupita has managed to accomplish. In the wake of her win, I was forced to finally stop and listen as her journey unfolded everywhere I turned; TV, radio, online, discussions among strangers in the CBD and amond family here at home… In the span of one short afternoon I’ve learnt from her what is is to have and hold on to your dream – despite the ‘insurmountable’ odds – and come through to gold.

Hongera! Lupita Nyong’o!

You made it! Thank-you for holding on to your dream and in so doing, reminding us to hold on to ours (your win has in a way truly become our win).

We’re all so very proud of you. And we salute you.

- Marjory

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Hope continues to smile from the threshold of the months to come, whispering “It will be happier.”
— Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Happy New Year.

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Karibuni To The Flagship Store

Karibuni To The Flagship Store

Shop V6,
Woodley Mart, Suna Rd off Ngong Rd.
Adams Arcade

This is where you can now find me.
And this is what has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks.

So much to say, so much to catch you up on. But for now, first things first… Karibuni. Welcome. To my new and very 1st flagship store. (Just in time for Christmas too.)

Needless to say, i’m amazed. And all smiles.

- Marjory

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The Upside Of Down

The Upside Of Down by Chris August

Westgate has been under siege but it feels as though the city of Nairobi has been under siege.

But for God, Elohim  – our Warrior, our Ally, our Friend – who’s given us beauty for ashes… The beauty of a people on bended knee for the freedom of captives inside. The beauty of Asian mothers feeding their black Kenyan sons as they retreat to find rest from the front lines. The beauty of the poor man queuing to donate blood to his rich neighbor. The beauty of warriors from a far away nation running to fight beside us in a battle against terror. The beauty of a people re-awakened to what is Right and Just. A people re-awakened to their true strength in unity.

And in all this, I have seen The Upside of Down.

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Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Hard to believe it’s been a year already?!..

When I started out, I had no idea where this journey would take me. All I knew is that I could no longer put off the things of me. And here I stand, a milestone passed, new things begun, dreams as shining as the sun, a goal achieved, a victory won!

- Marjory


Take A Taxi, Wear The BVLGARI

Take A Taxi, Wear The BVLGARI

This is a post about a different kind of accessory. Self-worth.

I’ve surprised myself twice in the last two months…

July ’13 – I took a taxi; not for work, not for business, not because of friends, neither was it to save time or money. It wasn’t an emergency (though at the time I thought it was). For once, i didn’t NEED to. This time it was just simply for me.

August ’13 – I bought a really nice perfume. A miniature 5ml bottle of Voile De Jasmin by Bvlgari. I love designer scents, but haven’t bought any for myself in years! Sure, I’ve purchased them as gifts for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, clients… And the one I currently (very sparingly) use was a gift from my Dad. But it’s never been for me. Until a few weeks ago, it was always too expensive and for the longest time, I made due with imitations.


Over time, we pour ourselves out to our friends, family. We’re dedicated to work, school, business and somehow feel the need to push our own needs, wants, heart’s desires to the side. We become secondary to everything around us and in the process, unknowingly erode our self worth – the thing that allows you to treat yourself well because you know that it’s important and… it’s ok.

I was surprised to learn that I had lost something. And inexplicably grateful to have it handed back to me. I know that we’re always told to save our special fragrances for special occasions but I say go ahead, take that taxi. And don’t hesitate to wear the Bvlgari; dab some on everyday because as we all know the factory continues on making them but there’s only one of you for all time. And you’re worth it.

- Marjory

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You’re Invited! | To The July Kikapu Market

You're Invited! | To The July Kikapu Market

…will be held at Prestige Plaza tomorrow. And you’re invited!

11am-9pm Saturday, 13th July 2013! —–> SAVE THE DATE for great bargains on Kenyan products as well as a fun filled day!

Slated to be a regular open air market that will take place every second Saturday of the month; It will be looking to pull in people by the numbers with its emphasis on homegrown products!

All vendors are women, with enterprises employing anything from between 1 to 50 employees. The idea behind it is the sad realization that not enough micro enterprises (70% of which are women owned) grow significantly to impact substantially on the economy).  So Kikapu Market is a unique concept based on the idea of showcasing the African Woman Entrepreneur!

Looking forward to shopping – yes, I enjoy shopping even when exhibiting. (Truth be told, the look of shock on a fellow exhibitor’s faces is just priceless!)

Looking forward to showing you the latest designs. Noni – the very outgoing and focused organizer behind Kikapu Market – is only allowing us to showcase own designs. I’ll be leaving all the imports at home so it’s going to be 100% in-house designs. Get ready to be wowed by Kimono Dress Robes (prints on these like this town ain’t never seen). Scarves! chiffon, silk, cotton; animal print, floral print, striped… There’ll also be a variety of Vanity Pouches. Bag Charms. Key Rings. And of course the oh-so- stackable Silk Bracelets.

Looking forward to sharing ideas and getting your input.kikapu-market-ms-blog

Looking forward to meeting you.

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Easy Breezy Polka Dotty

Easy Breezy Polka Dotty

The African Winter is here.

And it’s been freezing!

For the last couple of weeks, the skies have been covered with dark, moody clouds that look like they’re just waiting for you to come out in anything that resembles summer-wear to drop their cold droplets on your new outfit in vengeance!

This weather, it looks positively delicious when you’re inside all warm and safe and tucked in with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and The Great Gatsby on the other.

Not so appetising though when you have to step out in layers of wool and cotton (style as grey as the weather outside).

So here you go – a bright pink with white polka dot chiffon scarf to brighten up any look. Any mood this July.


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