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Heaven Everywhere

Radio stations have eased up on their playlists. Supermarkets have taken down their sale racks. Advertisers are gearing up for back-to-school. And in the next few days, the decorations too will come down…but i’m not one to let it go so easily. Maybe it’s because I find… ♩ ♬ somehow there’s a little more love, and maybe there’s a little less of us. Or maybe we’re just slightly more aware, there’s a little bit of heaven everywhere… ♪ ♫

So as most people move on, I think i’ll just stay here a little while longer and continue to take it all in.

Hope you had a joy-filled Christmas and blessed holiday season.

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Review: Barry M. Lip Paint

#130 - Pale Pink Sparkle

Barry M. Lip Paint #130, Pale Pink Sparkle

A soft, very bright, light pink.
Even for those with an ivory skin tone, it’s still going to be a pretty difficult shade to wear on its own. I highly recommend using this shade with a splash of gloss like I did – that’ll open up the possibilities for you so that even those on the chocolate end of the spectrum can be able to pull it off… beautifully! (My lips ended up looking like the liquid version of powdered sugar #JustSaying.
That black matte finish you see on the tube is what drew me in. It has a smooth suede feel to it (and at this point I was intrigued). While looking for the brand name I saw the gold BarryM signature at the top of the cap and that was it!! I was sold even before opening to find out what the shade was – truth be told, there were just two shades of pink to choose from, ended up settling for this one with absolutely no regrets.
Something to note, the packaging is compact (i.e. stands smaller and about 1.5cm shorter than standard size lipsticks) BUT it holds the same amount of product. I actually double-checked with others in my collection so I guess you could call it a travel size.
Otherwise, true to sell, this lip paint does literally glide on; it has an creamy consistency, no waxy lipstick scent and leaves behind no stain or glittery residue on removal.  A very pleasant, very welcome surprise was how soft my lips felt (even a few hours after removing) – something that no lipstick I own has ever done. Most lock in moisture but this also seems to also actually provide moisture?!
One of the online reviewers I came across uses it as a lip highlighter. I second this technique wholeheartedly and will definitely be trying it out soon.
BarryM‘s current selection from this collection doesn’t include this shade. So your best bet would probably be #100 Baby Pink, #113 Sheer Pink or #140 Pink Sparkle (which is a deeper shade than Pale Pink Sparkle).
When all is said and done, if curiosity leads you to stop and look through a random sale rack at the mall this Christmas. Go ahead. ‘Coz there’s sure to be some shiny treasure just waiting for you there.
Wishing you a sparkly Christmas and Happy Festive Season!


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Review: L.A. Colours Moisturizing Lipgloss

la colours moisturizing lipgloss

Frosted Plum (Rustic) 7 ml/0.25 fl oz.

This is what  an impulse buy looks like. A frosted plum moisturizing lip gloss by L.A. Colours. (I’ve been unable to find a name or number on mine, but I do believe this is Rustic). After seeing a few purple lipstick reviews and make-up tutorials, I thought, why not throw mine in too?!

Now, I realize L.A. Colours already have a new-look packaging for this collection, but I truly do prefer this design for its more classic feel.

Gloss pigmentation/coloring is defined when in the bottle but comes off sheer on application – I rarely wear lip gloss on its own so this works out just fine by me.

The top IS the applicator i.e. a twist out, doe foot, felt applicator. And the application comes off with a clean, smooth finish – not gritty or gooey or sticky in any way. I’d go so far as to say that the formulation has near perfect consistency; it doesn’t dry up my lips so they don’t end up getting cracked. True to sell, it leaves lips feeling moisturized. However, after wiping it off (twice) there still remains a fine glitter residue (…which come to think of it, may not be such a bad thing – ‘coz the way the light hit that glitter dust on my lips made them look …magical!) Anyways, I would definitely recommend it over a similar lipstick color to add shine/gloss without changing the hue.

Is has staying power so you can expect to re-apply every 4+ hours (or after lunch, whichever comes first). And although I got just this one, there are a variety of shades available in this collection,  they range in the warm/neutral tones.

What do you think?

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Studded Street Fashion

Studded Street Fashion

Picked up on this little gem at the Nairobi Street Fashion Festival that happened way back in June.

It happens sometimes…

I buy something simple, nondescript, nothing really brilliant about it.

Get home and put it aside (‘coz honestly, I rarely ever use the stuff I buy immediately).

Then a time comes when i’m desperately looking through my wardrobe for something, anything that would be a descent match to my outfit of the day. My eyes suddenly land on what i’d bought days, weeks, months ago – I literally freeze here sometimes with just the one thought in my mind “Perfect!

I love falling all over again for the pieces I’ve bought. And this, this is one of those pieces.

Black, leather, simple but elegant design, blinged out studding –  even now, all I can think is “What’s not to like?!


Have a lovely weekend (and take time to enjoy the little things – like handbags, shoes and jewellery).

– Marjory


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Enter The Makeup Brush | Mwaahhh

blue lipstick and geek glasses

“I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.” – Audrey Hepburn



For those of us who are not just getting back to make-up but getting back to make-up well done!



The lip brush is a long, thin pencil-like wand with soft bristles at the end that typically form a tapered point. It is used to apply a lipstick or a lip gloss evenly on to the lips.  Makeup pro’s use a lip brush because it gives a more precise line and smoother coverage.

Why should you use a lip brush?

1. Lip brushes are designed to apply lip cosmetics with precision and to prevent them from smudging. A long handle provides optimum control, and a curved, tapered bristle provides better precision. This results in an even, feather resistant budge-proof application. 

2. If you are mixing several shades and/or formulas, using a brush to apply the lip colour may result in lipstick lasting longer because less product layers are used in each application.

3. In addition, a lip brush is often used to blend lip liner and lipstick together on the lips. (Some people who use these brushes do not even need to use a lip liner because the application tends to be very precise). A lip liner however is still needed to give perfect shape to the lips and to prevent a lipstick from bleeding. This application technique also prevents the lip liner from looking too severe and harsh, thus giving more natural appearance to the lips. 

4. And because despite all the advantages, I still enjoy applying lipstick from it’s own tube, my personal favorite reason to use a lip brush is simply that it enables me to get to the product once the stick gets to the end. 


The Technique

Lip liner – Begin by using your favorite lip-liner and begin at the Cupid’s Bow of the upper lip and trace the outer part of your lips. Once the lips are lined you are going to use the same liner pencil to fill them in. This is extremely important as this will lay the foundation for the lipstick you apply on top. Simply turn the liner onto its side and color in the rest of the lip.

Lipstick – Now it’s time to apply your lipstick. As we age we get small crevasses in our lips, when you use the lipstick from the tube the color lays on the top surface of the lips only. Using a brush allows the color to really get into the lip and helps it stay longer. Dip the lip-brush into the lipstick, and pack the color onto the lips to get a sort of stained effect. Start applying lip color in the center of your mouth and work outward toward the edges. Next take a tissue and blot your lips a couple of times to really press the color into your lips. Now go back in with your lipstick and apply a second coat of color. To get a crisp finish, use the tip of the brush to define the lip lines at the bows and corners.

Concealer – To help clean up around the lips and give them a clean edge, wipe off your lip-brush really well to remove the lipstick and use a concealer to clean up the edges. This of course is optional.

Lastly, note bene: If your lip color is of a liquid consistency, you can opt to squeeze out a bit of it on a makeup tray and apply with the lip brush. For hygiene reasons, do not share your lip brushes. It’s also recommended to keep two separate lip brushes for lighter and darker colors to prevent unwanted mixing. 


Otherwise, I’d like to meet the girl who can pull blue lipstick off as a day-time look. *Disclaimer: must not work in the creatives industry i.e. advertising, fashion. and who isn’t in college (otherwise that’d be too easy).


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A Few Of Her Favorite Things













White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor – Her signature scent. She’s no aficionado, neither am I. But I learnt to love and appreciate the classic scents through my mom’s taste in perfumes.

Flowers – She has a green thumb. And as far back as I can remember, we’ve always had bunches of flowers growing in the garden.

Purple Patent Leather Clutch Bag – Still trying to figure out at exactly what point my mom’s tastes converged with mine. All through growing up we’d been at loggerheads; my makeup is too bright, my clothes are too tight… I’m not sure if i mellowed down or she began to appreciate my style or both. Either way all I am certain of is that she makes numerous trips to me for accessories. As i take pics, my mom shops. And that’s ok. More than ok, it’s the greatest compliment from my biggest fan.

Albeit belated, hope you and your mom had a lovely Mother’s Day. Hope you continue to celebrate her and the relationship you share together.


– Marjory


Enter The Makeup Brush | Bright Eyes


the fancy face - electric blue smokey eye






“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others…” – Audrey Hepburn


For those of us who are not just getting back to make-up but getting back to make-up well done!


The “Brush” – …is really a white foam tip eye-shadow applicator. The one found in pretty much every palette you buy. I’ll eventually go on to posting about the eye brush sets. However, since we’re either just beginning or getting back to good makeup, we’ll work with what is most widely available and affordable to everyone.

(And just so you know, perfecting your shadow routine on your lids is easy with a few quality supplies and a little practice. It’s all a matter of technique).

Now, the one I have is a rounded, white foam applicator that sits on a long, slim wood-grain handle. This’ll provide a smooth and seamless application.

The Technique – Begin by applying a little eye primer over the eye lids, to ensure the make up stays longer. Dab on and spread it evenly using your finger tips  in the area between lashes and brow.

Using one of the flat sides, take a light shade of an eye shadow first onto your sponge tip applicator. Dust off the excess to help control your fall out, i.e. powder falling onto your lower eye. Press and tap the color over the brow area – to prevent any harsh streaking. Blend it in to soften the edges.

Next, choose any two dark shades, first apply the lighter of the two shades over the eye lid. Press and dab the color gently and evenly up to the crease of the eye. Then turn the applicator brush to one side and gently blend it out, right up to the corners. Next, take a little of the other darker shade of eye shadow onto the tip of the applicator brush. Gently press and dab only on the outer portion of the eye lid, to get a dramatic effect.

And voilà! Big. Electric. Bright Eyes.

PS.  It’s important to note that there is a difference between foam tip and sponge tip applicators. Sponge is more porous and won’t provide you with as great a finish as foam. You can also buy a pack of dual ended foam tip applicators because technically you’ll have the advantage of being able to work with 4 sides – two on each end.

Otherwise. PRO’s:  In addition to price and availability; Colour Transfer – Awesome for packing in colors and creating vibrant looking eye-shadow, especially neon’s and mattes. Precision – You’re able to place colour directly where you want it to be. Control – Applicators don’t wiggle like bristles so they give you more control. Maintenance – Easy since they’re disposable. CON’s Admittedly, there are a few downsides; it’s harder to blend out darker shades.


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Kierra has indeed put it out beautifully…
Amazing to know that the God of all creation is so incredibly FOR (and not against) us that He would send His only Son to die to be the bridge that enables us to get back to Him. That Jesus agreed! No one forced Him. And even if you or I were the only people in the world. Yes, messed up and dysfunctional as we most times are, He’d still have sacrificed His life because I’m…you’re that important to Him.

Have a Happy, Blessed Easter & Passover Season.

– Marjory

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Nairobi Blue Collection

Nairobi Blue

On the day of her win, she showed up on the red carpet in a flowing light blue custom Prada gown (dully accessorized with a gold and diamond studded headband) and a big smile.

She said that the dress reminded her of home, in what has since come to be known as Nairobi Blue. And indeed, her outfit was the epitome of our vast clear blue skies and white-golden sunshine.

The inspiration behind this collection of sky blue and gold tones.

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And The Oscar Goes To

And The Oscar Goes To

– Lupita Nyong’o, 2014 Academy Award Winner,Best Supporting Actress, 12 Years A Slave

To be completely honest with you, I didn’t think she’d make it – never this far. And shameful as it may seem, I wasn’t even following the events leading up. From the movie release to her nomination, all I thought was even in the off, very slim chance that she did win, I wouldn’t be affected in any way.

Suffice it to say, I was wrong. Very wrong. And I stand altogether truly humbled, awed and inspired by what Lupita has managed to accomplish. In the wake of her win, I was forced to finally stop and listen as her journey unfolded everywhere I turned; TV, radio, online, discussions among strangers in the CBD and amond family here at home… In the span of one short afternoon I’ve learnt from her what is is to have and hold on to your dream – despite the ‘insurmountable’ odds – and come through to gold.

Hongera! Lupita Nyong’o!

You made it! Thank-you for holding on to your dream and in so doing, reminding us to hold on to ours (your win has in a way truly become our win).

We’re all so very proud of you. And we salute you.

– Marjory


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